Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about our agency &  services. The answers reflect our desire to keep you as informed as possible about every aspect of what we do and how we do it.

1.What's an employer brand?
Employees are an audience every bit as important as customers. The image that employees have of the company is the employer brand. Failure to develop, understand and nurture the employer brand can seriously derail delivery of the marketplace brand. Some people distinguish between the two audiences by referring to workplace versus marketplace branding as internal and external branding. Both are critical.

2.How is a brand strategy different from a marketing strategy?
A brand strategy is a long range plan for the brand i.e. what the company stands for, how it's different as a company, what the corporate culture reflects, what it will and won't do. If the company were a person, this would be the description of the person who may evolve over time, but has certain core traits that remain.
A marketing strategy is about how to sell the products, what to charge, who to sell them to and how to reach those people and communicate the product benefits to them.

3.Who oversees branding in an organization?
The brand initiative must be championed from the top, the CEO level. It can be managed by the Director of Marketing but it is NOT solely a marketing function. It is a company-wide imperative and everyone from human resources to top management must be on the brand team. If the company perceives branding to be something in marketing, it will never take hold.

4.What is a brand personality?
Like people, brands have personalities. Your company has one right now, even if it isn't articulated. It is this personality that makes the brand human and that makes customers committed and loyal to it. It's one of the most important attributes of the brand.

5.We aren't currently doing branding. How do we get started?
First of all, you ARE currently doing branding. Every time any part of your company interacts with the public, you're creating a brand impression, you just don't know what it is and you just aren't managing it. To get started, you have to look at where the brand stands now. Research is usually the best way to do that. We like to talk to customers and employees. That usually gives a good overview of the current brand situation. Once you know where things stand at the present, then you can move forward to see what should be emphasized and what should be worked on to change.

6. Should the brand focus be on the product or the company?
The company. Your product will change, or be copied by competitors if it hasn't been already. The one thing no one can ever copy is your brand. which is the total experience your company delivers. There are lots of coffee shops, but only one Starbucks. There are lots of airlines, but only one Virgin. There are lots of sport shoes, but only one Nike. Your brand will outlast your product if you're smart.

7. What’s the most important thing about direct mail / news letter?
There are three things: the quality of the list, the value of the offer and the way it is presented. In other words, the presentation must be compelling enough to be opened and read, not tossed in the nearest wastebasket. When it is read, the offer must be valuable and quickly and clearly presented. And, of course, it must arrive in the hands of the right people.

8. What’s the best way to get people to our website?
The best way is lots of ways, both on line and off. We generally try to interact with potential visitors at sites they already visit as well as with traditional print via magazines, newsletter, mailings and trade shows. Everyone likes to receive information differently and it's important to give potential clients choices about how they receive information from you as well as how they communicate information back to you.

9. How can we critique work delivered without making our agency defensive?
Professionals don't get defensive about work because they know it isn't a personal attack. However, in order to get better work every time, keep these things in mind. Tell the agency what bothers you but don't try to fix it and don't expect them to remedy it on the spot. Just state the problem, not the solution. And, since most things are subjective in creative development, try to think big picture and be specific i.e. don't say, "We don't like the navy blue", say, "the colors are too dark for our brand. We'd like to stay with lighter colors." That way, the next time, the agency won't come back with black, but will know your parameters for all future work. Also, the agency should be familiar with all of your past marcomm pieces and understand how what they're working on will integrate with what you have. We always have the client fill out an input sheet and get thorough upfront input so that our first attempt is on target. Mainly, try to keep subjectivity out of the process and remember to think like your audience.

10. What does a recruitment advertising agency do?

adwinds acts as an extension of each client's HR and staffing departments by helping them to meet their recruitment and retention objectives through candidate and employee communications. Using traditional and innovative advertising techniques and media, adwinds communicates employment opportunities that target potential candidates with highly creative, memorable and effective concepts and executions. In addition, we offer the entire range of related employee communications. In short, adwinds utilizes every appropriate communication channel to help our clients attract and retain the best talent in every market segment.

11. What is adwinds History?

 adwinds is an independent , limited company & privately held agency.adwinds was founded in 1998 by K. Siddarth .We have incorporated in 2007 as “adwinds solutions pvt.  ltd.”

12.How many marketing branches do you have?

adwinds solutions pvt. Ltd. Corporate office located in Hyderabad at RTC cross Roads. , We are  having additional Marketing -service branch offices in Hyderabad & Bangalore.

13.How many &types of clients does adwinds service?

Our talented and client-focused teams manage service and support nearly 120 accounts. For large, national and international corporate companies- 50 accounts & for mid-sized companies -70 accounts. Our clients span all industries and have all states in India and abroad.

14.How can I become a adwinds client? & How to approach for advertisement?

More than risk-free; using an adwinds ad agency is just simple

You’ve put a great deal of thought into your company branding and development. You know the type of person you’re trying to hire and the image you want to portray. Your recruitment advertising should reflect that message.

Using adwinds  as an agency can make this simple. Recruitment or Business ads are a vital part of your business and are no different than ads that sell a product or service. Having a well-designed, well-written ad will motivate the best candidates to apply. This is the first impression a job-seeker will have of your company and the position, so put your best foot forward, position yourself as an employer of choice!

Agencies simplify the process and do it in the most cost-effective and convenient way. A simple Two Step Process ensures that you get the recruitment ad you’re looking for.

 Two Step Process

1. Give us the job description via e-mail or fax, along with a jpeg, tiff or eps file of your company logo (first ad only)

2. Now it’s our turn. Using the information you’ve provided, we’ll prepare a draft copy of your ad and give you appropriate media recommendations, deadlines, and quotes. Simply choose from our recommendations, and we will ensure your ad runs as requested, at the price you were quoted, no surprises!

Using this process, we can guarantee that you’ll get an ad that’s appealing to your budget, your company, and the right employee

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