Vision, Mission & Values


Integrated marketing communications is key to our clients' success. 

Our vision of a fully integrated marketing / advertising campaign : integrating strategic planning with creative & design and Web technologies with traditional print --provides a strong vehicle for delivering prospects and generating new sales easily and efficiently.  Employing cutting -edge marketing and advertising technology in a Web environment that is appropriate for your business, that best reflects your brand, and that is easy to use and manage also factors large in a results- focused paradigm.

To breathe life into every concept we develop, which enhances the longevity and ROI of our clients by making brands immortal .  



Reaching beyond the horizons in the field of advertising by sprucing up the communication channels with stunning creativity and a well-balanced Strategic Planning.


Our Values

PASSION:   Driven by it.  Attracted to it.   Living it.  As the originators of enthusiast marketing, we are passionate about all kinds of brands and about uncovering what really rocks our clients' customers.

ENERGY:   Work hard.   Play hard.    Fueled by enthusiasm, we are not simply living by the adage we are giving it a big jolt of fresh energy.

CONNECTION:  It is all hot air if it does not hit your customers between the eyes. Whether we are talking to die-hard or aspiring enthusiasts, we know how to connect your brand with the people that want it,  need it,  gotta have it.

TRUST:   Everything we do comes straight from the heart. We are ethical, upfront and worthy of your trust and always energized, authentic and ready for action.




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