Jagadish Pal


Jagdish Pal is the director and account planner of agency who is the expert, through background, training, experience, and attitudes, at working with information and getting it used - not just marketing research but all the information available to help solve a client's advertising problems. 

Jagdish Pal plans are involved and integrated in the creation of marketing strategy and ads. His responsibility is to bring the consumer to the forefront of the process and to inspire the team to work with the consumer in mind. He has a point of view about the consumer and is not shy about expressing it.

His ultimate goal is to work with consumers as partners in the process of developing advertising. His relationship with the consumer allows planners to involve their input at every stage of the process and to inform and inspire creative ideas that guide and validate the resulting campaign in the consumers interests.  He plans adds an element of creativity to the advertising mix. He is typical and interested in meeting people and talking to the consumers. Jagdish finds out what makes people tick and use that market information and research data to guide the campaign process.  He takes all this information and funnel it down into a short idea that helps inspire and directionalize the creative department.

He has the ability to bridge together their understanding of the consumer and the awareness of how this knowledge will be used within our business. He understands and draws insightful conclusions not only from the consumer, but also the brand.  He provides "the edge" that will ensure that a client's message will do just this. 

Jagdish fulfills the roles that a director should has: he discovers and defines the advertising task, has executes his job of organizing information about the consumer and the marketplace from every possible source, including the client and agency data and secondary research. He prepares the creative brief, creative brief prepared by him is the tool that the creative department uses to conceptualize ads and another main purpose of the brief is to define the proper positioning of a brand. He is involved in creative development, during creative conceptualization, he represents the consumer. He also interacts with the creative department through the sharing of initial consumer responses to ad ideas or advertising approaches. He presents the advertising to the client, informs the client of "how and why a consumer will react to [specific] advertising."  Tracking the advertising's performance through his follow-up research.  Tracking reactions to the ads in the actual marketplace and provide Creatives with additional information.

His strengths are intelligence, experience, strong observational skills, conceptualizing and thinking strategically. He argues their viewpoint coherently. Being a team player and having a strong personality are also his positive attributes. He is ideally an account planner who has experience in market research, brands, advertising and communications, and people management. 

He is the bridge between the business side to the creative side of a marketing campaign. On the business side, he  works with the account manager to understand what the client is looking for and then relate that to what the consumer wants. On the creative side, he helps to create an expressive snapshot or a single-minded directional creative brief to lead the way to the drawing board.

Is inspiring by nature, passionate for advertising and has respect for creativity. He is intuitive and curious about consumers and relationships. Educated in marketing and research techniques. He is also numerate, imaginative, and creditable when it comes to translating and presenting research.




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