1.How adwinds Slogans/Captions/Concepts effective?

Adwinds advertising slogans are short & memorable phrases used in advertising campaigns. They are claimed to be the most effective means of drawing attention to one or more aspects of a product.

A strap line is used as a secondary sentence attached to a Brand name. Its purpose is to emphasize a phrase that the company wishes to be remembered by, particularly for marketing a specific corporate image or connection to a product or consumer base.

How adwinds Slogans effective?

          states the main benefits of the product or brand for the potential user or buyer

          implies a distinction between it and other firms' products - of course, within the usual legal constraints

          makes a simple, direct, concise, crisp, and apt statement  is often witty  adopts a distinct "personality" of its own

          gives a credible impression of a brand or product

          makes the consumer feel "good"

          makes the consumer feel a desire or need

          is hard to forget - it adheres to one's memory ,especially if it is accompanied by mnemonic devices, such as jingles, ditties, pictures or film sequences on televised commercials

          sounds good



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