Media Buying/Planning

Media Buying / Credit policy: 

Adwinds having own team & seasoned and professional media buyers in the advertising industry and we will provide good credit policy.  We will make the most cost-effective purchases across the market in India and abroad.

Media Planning:

Planning is done as per market potential, geo-political size and media price with suitable media-weights being assigned. Such Neighborhood Planning operations are is carried out with robust databases modeled for appropriate cover and frequency.

Innovation, Execution & Monitoring:  adwinds believes in adding value and life to our campaigns. In terms of execution our innovative approach can be seen in most of the campaigns.

A wide network and strong team of supervisors, ensures the fastest turn around time but with best execution standards. Adwinds? Monitoring and Brand Tracking systems are used as a stand-alone service by few clients, which itself is a testimony of the robustness and authenticity of the service.

Planning the right media vehicles: Media vehicles are then selected in the Neighborhoods chosen on the basis of its  Panel Value and Effective Circulation.

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