1. TVS Motors

Company is a part of the acclaimed TVS Group. It is the third largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India and among the top ten in the world with a whopping turnover of us $ 800 Million

Challenge: The Company's flagship women's scooterette “TVS Pep” needed a smooth, but considerably aggressive push into the semi urban and rural markets. There were many challenges; the resistance from the traditional target customers to an obviously western styled campaign that talks about the new women- ‘The Modern Woman' who is socially liberated, educated and globally aware.

adwinds Campaign   : Promotional activities were conducted in colleges and work places for young women. The activity WOW (Women on Wheels) was conducted under which young women were asked to come over to a learning school, which was set up to teach them, driving with emphasis on traffic and personal safety.
Solution & Outcome : The campaign gave a new lease of life to the aspirations of the up and coming women in these towns. A full-fledged Girl Marketing & Promotion Team visited colleges and other institutions for direct interaction with the Target i.e Young students and working women from 16 to 35 years of age. It resulted in a tremendous feedback and an overwhelming response. The campaign gave their opinions a voice and TVS, an opportunity to peek in the mindset of its customers.


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